Current Program      General Gymnastics (GG) 
This is an activity for all ages it includes, dance, 
apparatus gymnastics and team sports. This is a great 
introduction to sport and social engagement, and also
physically assists with other sporting activities. 
We invite children from 4yrs and upwards.

Womens Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) 
There are 4 pieces of apparatus:
Asymmetric Bars

Our Club was established in 2007 and is based in Dublin 15, we primarily set up to increase the opportunities for children to participate in gymnastics as a general sport, and aid in their development through sport.
 We have a talented & enthusiastic Coaching Team that tailor classes/training to our members needs. 
We provide General Gymnastics, and Womens Artistic Gymnastics.
Our General Gymnastic classes are the starting block for children to have fun, make friends and get exercise, we also encourage progress within the sport.
Some gymnasts that have chosen to continue with the sport have done this through Inter-Club, Region and National Competitions.